More Great Laptops Under $1000

If you are looking for some best gaming laptop options for 2014, which are under one thousand dollars in price. There are definitely plenty of options and choices to examine in 2014. This article will present some of the 2014 games for laptops under $1000 that are totally awesome. What gamers do want to today for their portable gaming needs is very clear. They desire to have not only faster machines, but they also, do want something very stylish in their hands. Some of the gaming laptops under $1000 are not only stylish, but they are also, lighter, thinner, and do possess advanced technologies. These advanced technologies are what can handle all of the very latest games with lots of ease.

One example of a fine gaming laptop under $1000 is the Alienware M14x R2. The Alienware M14x R2 is designed with above average hardware. It is listed at for the price of $999 and it has an Intel Primary i7-36Q10M processor. This laptop has a 14 inch screen and amazing graphics that bring your games to life. You can game when and where you want with this truly outstanding laptop. It is able to deliver very powerful game performance within a compact size notebook.

Another excellent laptop choice for under $1000 is the Acer Aspire V5-571PG-9814 and what makes it very special for gamers is obvious. It runs on an i7-353l 7U processor and has 8GB ddr3 ram. Games can be played in all their glory on the 15.6 inch screen and its double graphics performance will give a game performance that is like no other. What is also a big plus for this notebook is its five hour battery life that only enhances gaming all the more. The price tag on this notebook is $799.

The Asus N56VJ-DH7 is also another gaming laptop that is very exceptional for its under one thousand price tag. The Asus N56VJ-DH7 has an Intel Core i7-3630QM and has full HD capabilities. It is also a notebook that comes complete with a 15.6 inch screen. This large screen is something that does make for a great gaming experience. Also, it does possess a very fast processor, which is just another perk of having one of the best notebooks around town for playing games under 1000. The price tag for this one is listed as being $959.

The 2014 games for laptops under $1000 are truly the ideal laptops for all the right reasons. Not only are they great to play games on overall, they are also very good for a multitude of other tasks, which are something that does need to be taken care of regularly. So, with this said, these compact laptops are a lot cheaper in price. However, the most important thing about them is their versatility, which is everything to someone who utilizes the internet to get things done that need to be done.

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